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Name Variations in the Roland Corpus

Please note: this article was written in 2001 and is part of my Master's thesis. It is here for archival purposes only. See the bottom of this page for licensing information.

-Vika Zafrin (email me with any questions)

ROLAND: Rolant, Rollant, Orlando, Rollanz

GANELON: Ganellon, Guenelun, Gwenlwyd, Guenes, Gano, Genelun

CHARLEMAGNE: Chiarlymaen, Carlo Magno, Charles, Karlamagnus, Karl, Carlon, Carlun

ALDE: Alda

OLIVER: Oliuer, Olivir

DURENDAL: Dyrumdali, Durendard, Durindana

MARSILIE: Marsiliun, Marsli

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